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Producer and designer. Works with design, architecture, and art projects. Collaborates with Mexican and international artists and makers in the development of their works, providing creative solutions through the research and development processes.

He designs his own tools to create all kinds of objects, instruments or furniture.

Lover of geometry, mechanics, electricity, based on the harmony and intelligence of nature. His work is guided on the principles of collaboration, solidarity, sustainability and respect towards all forms of life.

He has collaborated with several members of Workshop30 in the execution of instruments and furniture for projects such as Implant (Marcela Armas) for the Biennial of the Americas based in Denver, BioSoNot (Gilberto Esparza), among others. He is currently working on an architectural infrastructure project for El Charco del Ingenio, Botanical Garden of San Miguel de Allende.

Implante de Marcela Armas