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Taller30 is a collaborative space in SMA that houses a cooperative of artists whose work integrates art, technology, science, sound and design. In addition to being a production space, its main focus is the development of trans disciplinary projects as well as community interaction through workshops, residencies and the h)3ar~ cycle of deep listening sessions through experimental actions and sound arts.

The project originally emerged as a space for experimentation, production, and research around our work with a focus on collaboration and knowledge exchange.

As a collective, we aim to be a local reference where relationships around knowledge, media, and technology that interweave from art are encouraged, giving special importance to collaborative work and the formation of new audiences and creators.

We are interested in building a bridge that allows us to exchange and communicate with cultural institutions, both academic and scientific, public and independent, as well as groups, social organizations, artists, scientists, critics, researchers, educators and makers in general,  positioning Taller30 as a nodal space that promotes new ways of approaching art and its relationship with science and technology.

T30 are:> Marcela Armas, Daniela Edburg, Gilberto Esparza, Arthur Henry Fork, Diego Liedo, Taiyo Miyake, Bruno Monsivais, Iván Puig and Leslie San Vicente.