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Experimental music and sound arts, in a broad sense, are based on musical practices that use sound as it’s starting point, applying exploration techniques that push existing limits and genre definitions. It’s practice dates back  to the first decades of the XX century, deriving in genres like Musique Concrete, Electroacoustic Music, Experimental Electronic Music, Sound Art, Free Improvisation, among others. By nature it implies a  counter-culture position which main commitment is to push towards new possibilities. It’s about  people and the search for something different, as much as it is about the sound. 

h)3ar is a project that focuses on gestating deep listening sessions around experimental sound actions and sound arts, featuring artists whose work is linked to processes that integrate sound, technology, science, electronic arts, image and improvisation, all this in order to share knowledge, generate community and trigger the local interest in these practices.

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Since August 2018 we’ve presented 11 sessions with 44 artists from México, Norway, Perú, France, USA, Italy, Australia, Austria, Spain and Germany.