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Our residency program is aimed at artists, researchers and creators related to contemporary artistic production, inviting them to propose a project that relates to any of the disciplines addressed at T30 and whose main axis is at the intersection of art, science, and technology. T30 is an integral space that has different areas to support the development of the residency projects and we have the necessary infrastructure to develop Bioart, Electronics, and Robotics.

The residences are designed to stimulate creative and reflective processes based on interaction and collaboration with the artists that conform T30, as well as the involvement with the locality and its context.

MARCH / 2020

Andrea Rassell

The Society of NanoBioSensing: Virtual Microscope / Virtual Atomic Ensembles

Andrea joins Taller 30 to develop two works. The Society of NanoBioSensing: Virtual Microscope is a virtual microscope made from hundreds of individual Scanning Electron Microscopy images. These create a super-resolution image and the ability to zoom in and out without the use of a microscope. The images were collected during Andrea 2019 Synapse residency in Melbourne Australia (more about that here) and her time with Taller 30 will be spent developing the interface components.  

The project experiments with gestural interfaces that allow the audience to interact with nanotechnological materials in an embodied way. The two collections of images are of CuTCNQ, a crystalline material that acts a sponge for toxic environmental and industrial chemicals, and ZIF-8, a nanoengineered material that acts as a gene-delivery system and cancer therapy, in these images for prostate tumour cells.  

Virtual Atomic Ensembles is a new work that will be designed and prototyped during the Taller 30 residency. It will be a sculptural installation that uses macro scale physics to illustrate quantum phenomena.

Andrea Rassell
Media artist and interdisciplinary researcher in Science + Art

Andrea Rassell is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary researcher in science art. An expert in nanoart — artforms that engage with nanoscience and nanotechnology — she creates experimental films and moving image installations that explore scale, technological mediation, and the multisensory perception of the sub-molecular realm. For the project Wildly Oscillating Molecules,she turned nanoscientific instrumentation into cinematographic tools, ultimately creating immersive sonic and tactile experiences of the nanoscale environment. Her work has been shown internationally at the New York Imagine Science Festival, the Oaxaca FilmFest in Mexico, New Zealand International Film Festival, White Night in Australia and Sónar+D in Spain, and has been recognised by awards and grants from the Australian Government, the Australian Network for Art and Technology, the Council of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Australia), St Kilda Film Festival, and Oaxaca FilmFest. Andrea is the 2019 recipient of the Australian Network for Art and Technology’s Synapse residency, where she is developing moving image works that explore the social and cultural implications of diagnostic systems in collaboration with the Ian Potter NanoBioSensing Facility. In 2020 Andrea will be an artist-in-residence with Arte + Ciencia, UNAM, Mexico City. 

APRIL / 2020

Guro Skumses Moe

RESONANT SILENCE / New composition for chamber orchestra

The composition focuses on multimedia expression, with music as its foundation. Resonant Silence will the final composition and it is inspired by author Jens Bjørneboe’s History of Bestiality from the book “Silence” about the history of colonialism.

As the starting idea for the whole composition, I pictured the Octobass standing under a waterfall and is opposing its last breath, the last hope before these humans die, and the this last breath of the dying is the starting point for the piece.

For this, I had the idea of using a circular bow that produce a constant resonating tone from the lowest string of the Octobass. On this residency I want to focus the design and construction of the bow, working in collaboration with the artists at T30.

Conceptually I will dig deeper into the colonial history of Mexico, hopefully through the eyes of female writers and female characters from this period, using the silenced voices from the colonization and the silenced female voices in society.