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Ivan Puig Domene was born in 1977 in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. He spent his firs years between the streets of Guadalajara, the tropical jungle of Comala and junk yards in Tijuana, circumstances that where important later on for his art production.

He did studies in electronics in Guadalajara and Fine Arts in Guanajuato. The techniques that Puig uses is not what determines his work since he jumps from one another. The line that conects it all is the critical perspective and the humor present in his social enviroment observations. Indignation has been an important triger in the election of the subjects he approaches to. Since 7 years he has been working in the Seft-1 project with his brother Andrés Padilla Domene.

He has been beneficiary of some grants and has receive some awards. His work has been shown in Mexico and abroad. One of his actual concerns is the time consumming colateral activities related to the professionalisation of art such as writing biographies in third person.