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Phytophilia – Chlorophobia – Situated Knowledges

Friday, October 18 at 6:30 pm — Transpalette
 OU\ /ERT – Opening of the exhibition
Curators Jens Hauser & Aniara Rodado

OR\ /ERT challenges the omnipresent anthropocentric claim of greenwashing that masks the damage that wild capitalism inflicts on ecological and social systems

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm except on public holidays. Art center open on Sunday, October 20.
Guided tours every Saturday at 3pm

Artists : Gilberto Esparza (MX), Špela Petrič (Sl), Quimera Rosa (FR/AR), Adam Brown (US), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Eva Maria Lopez (DE), Joana Moll (ES), Francisco López (ES), Baggenstos & Rudolf (CH), Karine Bonneval (FR), Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot (FR), Jean Marc Chomaz (FR), Lechedevirgen Trimegisto (MX), Tiziano Derme & Daniela Mitterberger (IT/AT)